Photovoltaics self-consumption is the generation of electric energy with a photovoltaic system for on-site consumption. The electricity consumer is also a producer and could receive value for the non-consumed electricity which is fed to the grid. A self-consumption installation consists basically on solar panels, cabling and an inverter.

Self-consumption benefits

• Economic savings. An appropriate sizing of the installation, adjusting the generation to the demand profile of the consumer, can maximize the return of the investment.
• Quick and easy installation.
• Proven technology with long term guaranties.
• Autonomous systems, minimum operation and maintenance required.
• Reduction of CO2 emissions.
• Reduction of fossil fuel needs and energetic dependence from other countries.

Economic feasibility

With the appropriate sizing, self-consumption photovoltaics facilities can be profitable for residential and industrial applications. Typically, the payback time is in the range of 5 to 10 years, depending on the solar resource, system size, consumption profile, local regulation and financial conditions.
Additionally, some countries offers different types of support mechanisms to encourage the development of self-consumption installations.

Sindetec’s value proposal

Sindetec’s highly qualified team has over 10 years of experience in photovoltaic technology and development of projects. We offer services covering the evaluation, design and installation of the system.
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